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Dating apps aren’t just for meeting and connecting with single people in your area. The smallest details matter. With the rise of innovative app developers, more dating apps have become specific and targeted to a certain niche. In this way, the relationships that are established online are more likely to be truly intentional and the suitability of others can be assessed.

Factors such as personality, culture, interests, hobbies and even religion play a role when someone is considering dating. That’s why KOER, an Afrikaans dating app available on AppGalley, took the opportunity to create a hub where people who share the same language, interests and culture can mingle.

Here’s what KOER’s Armand Aucamp had to say about Modern Dating, creating South Africa’s first Afrikaans dating app, and growing the business:

Describe the value your app brings to the South African market?

What do most single African people have in common? One: that they seek love in the ‘language’ of their heart.

Enter the KOER app. KOER is the world’s first and largest Afrikaans dating app. Love comes differently in your mother tongue, but skop, skiet and donners shine in Afrikaans. Since 2020, the KOER app shows Afrikaans-loving singles that there are dating opportunities within your ethnic group.

By downloading the app, you can KOER (yes option) and KOES (no option) through thousands of African hearts worldwide. We wanted to convey this message to our market (primarily based in South Africa).

Why choose Afrikaans, specifically?

Afrikaans is the youngest language in the world, created in South Africa, which has evolved to date with around 20 million speakers. We created KOER so that finding love in Afrikaans can feel as comfortable as a home-cooked meal. We wanted to capture all the nuances and flavors of Afrikaans and combine them with a spicy touch.

Online dating gets a bad rap. And since South Africa (and especially the African market) is very conservative, we wanted our subscribers to feel comfortable and safe when it comes to approaching love online. We also wanted them to speak and communicate in their love language (in this case, Afrikaans). There are other dating apps available not only in Africa but all over the world. But we wanted to create something that would unleash that African spirit of love that can only be found on our continent.

In which area of ​​the business do you hope to advance?

KOER is essentially a start-up. As a language-specific dating app, KOER is a fun platform to work from where we can explore elements of randomness and Afrikaans with equal vigor. But for that, we need the money to keep the experience and the magic alive. Number One: Marketing. We would certainly put money towards branding and awareness campaigns. This is so that Africans across Africa (and the world) can discover KOER opportunities. We were lucky enough to be chosen as one of the top three AppGallery app solutions at the MTN Awards in 2022 and this has also created a lot of marketing opportunities. With millions of Afrikaans speaking hearts out there and to reach the farthest reaches of the world (there’s actually a whole African community in Argentina), we should have a good reach to match the miles. Second, we are constantly updating our app, creating a better user experience, and of course maintaining and growing our product. KOER must evolve not only with the times, but also with the needs of our subscribers. We never want our market to fall in love with the awesomeness (and app swag) of online dating and, by extension, KOER itself.

As an app developer, what has been your experience with AppGallery?

The experience has been a “delight” so far. The demand for KOER has grown exponentially due to our place in the AppGallery, as South Africa has a huge Huawei market. Because of this, more people have downloaded the app, which leads to more people finding love! In fact, it has been a win-win. Back in February, we did a Valentine’s month giveaway in partnership with AppGallery and it’s been creating a real buzz. We’re impressed with AppGallery’s willingness to partner with apps and create equally beneficial marketing opportunities.

Why is it important for app developers to enter the front-end app market?

The smartphone and tablet generation (yes, that now includes our moms) want to watch ‘on demand’ and tend to look for their stitches (and romantic crochet patterns) online. With the world the way it is and everything (and everyone) getting smart (phone) by the minute, a platform like AppGallery is just what the new generation needs, to inspire them to be more, do more and create better opportunities for themselves. AppGallery not only creates a benchmark for app development, but also showcases inspiring ideas.

What would you say goes into creating an impactful app?

Number one: a great original idea. Whether your idea came from a random braai night comment about looking for an “ordentlike Afrikaanse ou” (ordinary Afrikaans man) or you woke up with a light bulb and a dream at 3am. If it’s useful, fun, and has potential, that’s where you’ll start. Second, keep it simple and be creative. Any app speaks to a very diverse market, so you need to make sure everyone feels comfortable and inspired by what the app has to offer.

Third, for an app to work, you need to focus on the variety of talents, tastes, personalities and perspectives available. In our case, we were incredibly lucky; We have an amazing team of four partners with perfect skills for what we wanted to deliver to Africans, South Africa and the world. We’ve gone wild, despite pandemic panic, with creativity and a solid plan!

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