What we know about the personal life of Jennifer Coolidge – Nicki Swift

If Mike White ever decides to take a break from writing twisted whodunnits to try his hand at slapstick romantic comedy, he might want to call Jennifer Coolidge. During an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Coolidge recalled visiting Hawaii when he was younger and falling in love with two boys who were friends. So that he could have simultaneous two-week flings with both men, Coolidge lied about having an identical twin. “I don’t know if i would do it I have the courage to do it now, but at the time, it was really a big decision,” he reflected.

Coolidge also said that playing an older woman with an eye for younger guys in “American Pie” had a positive effect on her love life, though she had to walk back something she said about it. talking with varietysaid, “I had a lot of sex action with ‘American Pie.’ But in a later interview with Entertainment Weekly, revealed that he was only joking when he told Variety that he connected with 200 different people after appearing in the film. However, he added: “It opened up the world to a much wider group of handsome men and younger men.” This included a lover who asked her mother for a recommendation when Coolidge told her she was looking for a beauty salon where she could get a decent blow dry.

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