Who is Jerald Low, Singapore’s very own ‘Tinder scammer’? – CNA


But what motivated Low? Why is it the way it is? Her story, which she shared from inside Changi Prison, included a “horrible” childhood and being “stared at from a young age”.

“My parents are divorced,” said the 28-year-old, whose mother and grandmother raised him. “At school, friends laughed at me (for not having) a father.”

He said he wanted to get rich quick in 2018 because his family couldn’t pay his sick grandmother’s hospital bills. His mother was also diagnosed with cancer.

“I just wanted to get the money and then pay off any debts I had,” he said.

So he turned to Google. “One of the websites (I found) had a particular technique to teach you how to scam,” he said. “This only works with your close friends and family.”

Without many friends, he tried to appear rich to attract those who were not close to him.

The idea, which he said he read about in the papers, was to get people to sign up for cell lines and sell the phones for a profit.

“I know it’s their hard-earned money,” he said. “But at the time… I didn’t think it through.”

He said he regretted his decisions, especially the hurt he had caused his mother. She had attended his court hearing and visited him in prison every month. She died three months after he began serving his sentence, and felt he had “lost everything”.

To the victims he hurt, he said he was “truly sorry.”

“What I’ve done…can never be undone,” he acknowledged. “I hope I’ll just show all the victims and all those people around me … I’m a changed person.”

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