WOEI – A classic Dutch Big Air Kiteboarding Session in 2022

Updated: 07-2022

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”WOEI” /ˈʋuɪ/
– to produce an air current
– blow verb (blows, blew, blowing)
– blow hard verb

When a storm hits, don’t seek shelter – Go out there!

We recently shot a kiteboarding clip for @Sensebrussels starring Stig Hoefnagel, Toine De Klerk and Timo Boersema. Gray, rainy, cold and gusty conditions turned it into a classic Dutch winter session.
Since kiteboarding shoots always produce a lot more footage than needed, we cut this clip so you can join us on this typical kiteboarding day at the Zandmotor.

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Here is the resulting clip for @Sensebrussels:

Stig Hoefnagel
Toine De Klerk
Timo Boersema

And definitely check out Blow beachhouse at the Zandmotor for lessons and chillings: