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Being in a relationship or marrying someone means supporting each other. But how much hardship can a couple endure? Most would be advised to leave the relationship when things go south.

If your partner is deeply in debt, would you consider marrying them? This woman is unfortunately not sure what to do after discovering that her boyfriend is RM500,000 in debt.


A Malaysian photographer and entrepreneur who goes by Haffiz or @MHaffizJ on Twitter recently received a question from an anonymous user who had sought relationship advice through the NGL link. According to the screenshot, the user questioned whether or not she should marry her boyfriend, who apparently owes the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) RM500,000 because he suspended his career in the US .

Concerned for the future and well-being of the anonymous woman, the photographer advised her to think carefully about what she might be getting herself into. “If you think that his good qualities and determination can really make up for that HALF A MILLION RINGGIT DEBT, then yes, sure. [marry him] I guess 😐,” he tweeted. The tweet then went viral with over 584,000 views and over 600 quotes at the time of writing.


Netizens also weighed in on the situation suggesting the woman to wait for her partner to be financially stable or leave the 2-month relationship as the heavy debt could be harmful to them in the long run. Many were stunned by the incredible half a million in debt and advised the woman to forget about the marriage.


Another anonymous user, presumably a friend of the original poster (OP), responded to the viral post via NGL to clear up some possible misunderstandings and criticize those who left rude comments under the viral tweet. Despite his neutral advice, Haffiz was also criticized by the user and was even accused of lacking empathy.

The employer defended himself by reminding everyone that he actually encouraged the OP to make the decision based on what she thinks is best for her future. RM500k is, no joke, a lot of money, so whatever the outcome of this relationship is, we hope it’s the best for the couple. May the boyfriend find a way to pay off this debt in the future.


Source: Twitter

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