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Zaya Wade reveals Gabrielle Union’s beauty tips

You know Zaya Wade. She is a model, activist and daughter of NBA legend Dwyane Wade.

Well, she just did her first cover story (!!!), where she spoken about the support she’s received from her parents since coming out as transgender and the personal advice she’s received from her stepmother, Gabrielle Union.

Zaya told Dazed, “The lesson has changed over time, but most recently it’s that beauty is within yourself.”

“It’s about being you and expressing yourself however you want,” 15-year-old Zaya continued. “Try to teach me that beauty standards are arbitrary and don’t mean anything. They don’t matter anymore; what people thought was the standard isn’t. And just being myself is the best technique there is.” .

Zaya said her family has been a “giant support system” for her in general as she’s dealt with “ups and downs” since first coming out as transgender in 2020.

“I mean, a lot of attention equals a lot more hate, a lot of transphobia and [there is] A lot of pressure on me,” Zaya shared, “but I’m also able to reach more people.”

“The positives of having such an inclusive platform completely outweigh all the negativity online,” Zaya continued, “that my support system has allowed me to filter through. It’s allowed me to let the positivity in and distribute it to everyone trans people in the world who need a voice and give them a platform to be inspired to live with themselves without fear.”

Zaya said she also tries to use her “personal experience” to show the “positives and also the negatives” in life. “I’m here to share these experiences: to express them, but also to make them better,” he said. “So the world can know, ‘We’re here, we’re weird, we’re here to stay and we’re not going anywhere.'”

You can read everything Zaya had to say here.

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